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Today I decided to come and have a formal talk about the “Millennials Generation” since this is a hot topic on these streets. It seems we are all stereotyped to behave in a similar manner because of when we were born. Being part of this group myself I thought to share a little wisdom with my mates in regards to life in general and it’s all coming from my greatest source which is “life experiences ” and good old “observation.” There’s a lot we can talk about, but if you are going to take anything from this then point number 7 is a keeper and the rest you can figure out on your own.

1. Be grateful. Personal experiences have taught me to be extremely grateful for everything that I have. I might not have gotten everything I wished for in life. I don’t always achieve things to my fullest expectations and being human I then come down hard on myself, but I now always tell myself to stop and remember “it could have been worse.” Just take mental notes of everything positive, appreciate it and be grateful. This simple habit will change your life.

2. Be grateful for your friends. If you have a few close friends in your life, be grateful. Make your effort to keep your friendships strong. As I grow older, I find it more difficult to stay in touch, “adulting.” However, it’s okay to whittle down friendships to a handful of core people you need. Remember you will be an average of the top 5 people you spend your time with. Therefore, don’t feel bad about falling out of touch with everyone. Some friendships just won’t be worth the hype anymore because we do evolve as we grow older.

3. Choose your life partner carefully. Just as important as choosing your career is, choosing the person you will spend your life with is equally important. I can’t imagine being with someone who doesn’t believe in me and my life’s path. Don’t compromise your happiness by staying in unhealthy relationships. This applies to all types of relationships, but I’m going to dwell mostly on dating. I have seen a lot of young people, women especially, stay in toxic relationships for all kinds of reasons. They have made marriage their one and only goal that they have forfeited the importance of self-care. Well I almost became that girl by an inch ha ha ha, as much as it might seem like common sense, when feelings are involved it’s always complicated. Always remember, if you are in any kind of relationship with a person, they should always want the best for you. You should feel supported and inspired by them, if not it may be time to end that relationship. At the same time don’t let past relationship issues affect your current. Give your best you until someone gives you a reason to stop.

4. Indulge in as many experiences as possible. It’s good to experience and be exposed to a wide range of things. Travel as much as you can, given the opportunity seize it stop procrastinating! You will grow and learn more about yourself as a person. You will have more new opportunities as well as experiences and your life will have more meaning.

5. Build a habit of eating healthy and exercising. Take care of your body, you only get one so treat it right! Invest in yourself. You are your biggest fan. Learn something new. Learn how to cook those signature dishes. Instead of wasting money on overpriced food from restaurants, get whole unprocessed foods and make real meals. You will thank yourself later for being good to yourself when your metabolism catches up with you. Besides, a healthy lifestyle comes with reduced stress and anxiety levels. However, at the same time allow yourself to live a little. I mean the key word here is moderation.

6. Social media detox. It’s easier said than done right? It’s important to sit down, detox and read on a daily basis whilst everyone is playing x-box or refreshing Facebook feeds. You will realize how smart you become above everyone in a while, but hey we are not competing.

7. It’s okay to make mistakes. Allow yourself to take risks and learn for yourself. We shouldn’t live through other people’s mistakes and experiences. The worst thing that can happen is you will make a mistake and fail, what’s important is for you to learn from it, that’s the point of mistakes. If you never try anything how will you ever figure out who you truly are? My mistakes have made me who I am even though I vow not to repeat them again, at least not intentional.

8. Don’t spend your time trying to please people. Eventually you will have nothing to give to yourself. “It’s okay to be nice and pleasant, but don’t let people take advantage of you.” You cannot please everyone you need to know what’s best for you. People will always have an opinion (positive and negative), thank them for their insight but do what’s right for you.

9. Don’t worry so much. Ninety percent of the things we spend our time worrying and fretting about don’t really matter and will probably never happen the way we imagine. Also, you need to understand that no one has it all figured out. Don’t let your peers’ pressure you into thinking you should have attained something at a certain age. You are allowed to feel completely lost at some moments, always remember life doesn’t come with a manual. It’s all okay, we are all basically “faking“ and “faithing “ it till we make it!!

I want all my fellow millennials to stay strong and be happy! Do share which of these points you relate to? Leave a comment to show you passed through.

See you on my next one

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  1. The part that caught my attention is no #3. From my most recent interactions with my fellow millennials, i can safely say the experiences of their past relationships have influenced how they view themselves and how they view someone who might try to date them. We as millennials we can easily get insecure and we put a wall around ourselves because we have lost trust in anyone maybe because of a tragic ending of the previous relationship. What we should rather focus on is that experience makes us human whether bad or good, after all why did the word Learn was invented?. The point is we make mistakes not because we want to but because we do not have any hold on the future, however we make mistakes , we realize we have made a mistake, we get hurt yes, but then when all is said and done we have learnt something and became stronger beings.

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