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Being a woman, I totally understand how guys feel when they say women are very complicated. Yes we are complicated, I said it! You already thinking,” I have had many trials and errors when it comes to women and I just can’t figure it out ” Guess what, you are right, you probably never will but that shouldn’t stop you from trying and making her happy (at least your woman.) Guys oftentimes think they have it all figured out when it comes to women. ” Give her intimacy” “buy her staff” and ” listen to her whilst she never stops talking” then she is all yours. Whilst all this sounds amazing to any woman, it’s the little things that matter to most of us and keep us happy throughout our relationships. It’s not always about what you do, but how you do it. How you listen to her. How you show your love to her. I hope you guys can take some time to learn a few ways to keep your women happy

  1. Show Consistency.

So usually when you start dating her you take your woman to new places all the times to make her happy so you can win her over. You go for fancy dinners and dates; you are on the phone with her all day and all night and probably make time to see her as often as you can. You listen and pay attention to each and every detail, and your ” first time “ at anything you do you make sure to put your A game on. Fast forward months later in the relationship, it just stops. Sometimes you start questioning yourself and notice you don’t feel the same way anymore. Remember I’m considering circumstances where nothing in particular has gone wrong. Make yourself believe that as much as you can but what if I told you it’s merely because “you got comfortable.”

She is now yours and the “chase” is over right? The “chase” is never over if you really want to keep your woman happy. The same effort you put initially to get her is the same effort that is required to keep her. Yes, I know that at times it’s probably difficult to keep up with fancy dinners and all and we all have our “off days”, my major point is “don’t get too comfortable’’ and start lacking in your effort, keep it constant. Do whatever you did in the beginning (in case your initial A game was as simple as a Netflix and home dinner deal ,keep that consistently and don’t forget to upgrade but never degrade.) For me and my boyfriend it has always been about intimate communication throughout. We don’t wait for problems to improve our communication; we always do and that’s why we are both happy.

I have read one article saying “this is clearly tricking the woman when you don’t keep up, she dated superman but you are presenting her Clark Kent.’’ If we look at it closely, this is what has caused many marriages to fall apart. She has said ” I do” and she is not going anywhere so why keep on trying. Be the same man I fell in love with. Keep giving her the same attention and affection. Make it your entire life’s mission to remain the same guy that made her choose you out of the many options she had.Life might happen along the way and things can change but personally I pray for a deeper connection that cuts deeper with my partner

2. Make her feel Safe and secure

You don’t need to be a huge guy with muscles to threaten other guys looking at your woman’s way. You could be a 140cm guy and still make your woman feel like the safest woman in the world. After you’ve been together a while and you’re really sure you want to build something together, forget ” multi dating “ and “side chicks” as we say these days. It’s important to assure your woman she’s the only one. It’s out of this world when she feels and knows she’s the only woman your heart longs for. If she has to worry about “being friends with your ex” all the time, feeling the need to check your social media, she isn’t going to feel secure. She has to trust you and remember “it’s the little things that matters to us”. Never let her doubt your loyalty, commitment and dedication.

We simply want to know you have our back all the time and understanding we can rely on you. We want to know that you can always listen when we tell you our problems and that you can play your part in figuring out solutions to problems together. Yes even “independent women” love that about a good man. The reason you chose her amongst all other girls is because you found her special. If she is truly special to you, don’t tell her she is special, you don’t even need to announce on social media but rather show her every day that she is special

3 Notice the little things

I have been speaking about these little things for a while now, haven’t I? As a woman I stand firm and don’t mind being blamed for this; “At times we look at men and feel they should possess super powers to read our emotions without us having to state them.” Yes, you are not an X-men but trust me if you pay attention to your woman, and grow that chemistry between the two of you, you will know or at least have an idea of what she wants and how she wants it. We can’t help it, women we are just created to be understood and for men to figure us out ha ha ha. Buying gifts is important, but remembering the specific details of what she mentioned earlier will just raise the bar for you. It does take time to grasp but trust me it does pay off in the long run. Having been in a long-distance relationship for so long I can’t wait to finally be staying together and receive random gifts too.

Always remember “intimacy” does not equal “sex”. So, whilst you are thinking a relationship can’t survive without “sex” erase that thought and replace it with “intimacy.” Women feel loved when you do the simple things like a walk in the park holding hands, singing together and all these speak to intimacy. However, this might not apply to all the women out there, it’s then both of your jobs to discover what intimacy is to you. Forget all the thoughts you have about women and take this home, especially when we don’t need to ask for it! It’s the world to us.

4. Tell her she’s important

I am the biggest introvert I know, but I still want my relationship to be fun to unleash my goofiness and silliness every once in a while. I can’t show that side of me to just anyone because I find it embarrassing, but if I trust you enough to show that side of me it means I trust you and feels safe. Such behavior was not really acceptable in my previous relationships as a result I would always hold myself back in the name of not embarrassing myself or my partner and chose to be politically correct to uphold a certain mage. Hence why I didn’t work out huh? Ha ha ha , what I mean is women want want fun and not a boring relationship.Dong shut her down or push her away. Have fun with your woman to keep her happy.

You can also allow your woman to help with certain things, set aside your ego, yes you are a leader but remember she can lead too. It makes us feel important. At times we might not necessarily know how to do some of these things, but when you take time to teach me how to and give me a role in order to help you, that there makes us happy. So eventually it’s about keeping her happy better yet “keeping each other happy” in the relationship.

In conclusion, I realised my thinking alone wouldn’t be enough on this topic to my male subscribers out there cause I can feel y’all groan, (that’s if you even made it this far). So, I asked my boyfriend to put his two cents from a male’s point of view. He said,

“I have learnt that happiness is an individual choice and we have to both bring our happy to the table and share. I would love to give you a step by step guide as to how I manage to keep Melody happy but the truth is when God gives you the right person, giving a part of you becomes natural and when you do it it’s not work it’s fun for you and for her. There is a saying that goes ‘’familiarity breeds contempt.” The more you know something the less it becomes interesting. If you and your partner are not growing in your personal lives, careers and spirituality the less inclined one is to stay connected and keep studying you. It’s because there are fewer interesting new things to learn so they stop. You no longer challenging me anymore. So, if you want to be kept happy you better keep growing.” ~Venon SC~

What do you ladies and gentlemen think about this? Leave a comment below and if you want a “how to keep him happy” version do tell okay! See you on my next one.

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